Hi everyone.  My name is Jennifer and I live in New Jersey.  My one year old 
male kitty, Ash, was just diagnosed with FeLV yesterday.  I also have two other 
cats, Morrison and Isobel, and they've been living with Ash for a year (I've 
had him since birth).  He's blind in one eye and has developmental problems in 
his back area, but other than the obvious (his illness), he's a very happy, 
content, sweet and playful boy!  Very talkative as well, especially in the 
morning!  He's all black with tiny white hairs throughout his coat that you 
need to really look to see.  He eats like a pig and right now, seems healthy.  
He's getting fixed in a month (that's the soonest my vet could get him in) and 
my other two cats are being tested for FeLV in two weeks and if they test 
negative (which I really hope is the case), they're getting vaccinated.  My 
oldest, Morrison, was supposedly vaccinated two years ago, but they have no 
record of it at my vet's office,
 though they told me he was vaccinated when I took him for his shots two years 

I am looking forward to chatting with you all and I really wish all the best 
for you and your kitties!

PS - can we share pictures of our cats on here?

- Jennifer (and Ash too!)

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