I am glad that you are taking such good care of Ash.  I don't get the time to 
post to the list often, but am willing to take telephone calls for advise.  I 
am a 1974 Ohio State University grad in Animal Science and have my Masters work 
in Animal Nutrition and Physiology...with over 30 plus years experience and 
additional study as an Animal Scientist (Physiology/Pathology) and 
Nutritionist.  I have worked with many FeLV cats.  I now work mainly 
holistically, but also advise the use of traditional veterinary medications 
along with the natural.  I can work with your veterinarian if you so wish.  If 
you, or your veterinarian,  would like to give me a call, I can answer any 
questions you may have and hopefully help you on your way to better health with 
your kitty.

Let me know the best time to reach you by phone if I am not available when you 
call.  There is no charge for my services or suggestions to anyone on this 
list.    My email is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

My other contact info is following.

Looking forward to speaking with you.  (This invitation also goes out to anyone 
one this list that is in need of help.)

P.S. below, please read.

Karen Griffith 
Karen Griffith Farms
34440 State Route 7
Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
Phone: 740-992-5782

If you would put 'Old Tom' in your prayers, it would be appreciated.  He was 25 
years old 'I knew this for sure as I had him for 20 years', and had judged him 
at at least 10 by his teeth when I castrated him and did his teeth. He died in 
the lightning storm we had here last week.  He was FeLV positive for the last 
10 yrs, and had endured other severe problems, but was in great health at his 
'untimely' demise.  You all will think I'm crazy for being upset at losing him 
this way, but it was storming too severely to go out in the lightning storm and 
hail to get him in...I had just let him outside 15 minutes before the storm 
suddenly rolled in.  There were over 100mph straight line winds, many huge 
trees down, power lines, structural damage, etc.  I miss him terribly.  I have 
25 cats I am taking care of, but 'The Old Man' was special.  He was a tough, 
proud old guy.  There are a lot of good stories about him.  (I started to tell 
a few, but decided to leave it at that).   I just miss him. 

The neighbor lost 2 horses in the storm as well....all 70 head of my horses 
came through OK.
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        Hi everyone.  My name is Jennifer and I live in New Jersey.  My one 
year old male kitty, Ash, was just diagnosed with FeLV yesterday.  I also have 
two other cats, Morrison and Isobel, and they've been living with Ash for a 
year (I've had him since birth).  He's blind in one eye and has developmental 
problems in his back area, but other than the obvious (his illness), he's a 
very happy, content, sweet and playful boy!  Very talkative as well, especially 
in the morning!  He's all black with tiny white hairs throughout his coat that 
you need to really look to see.  He eats like a pig and right now, seems 
healthy.  He's getting fixed in a month (that's the soonest my vet could get 
him in) and my other two cats are being tested for FeLV in two weeks and if 
they test negative (which I really hope is the case), they're getting 
vaccinated.  My oldest, Morrison, was supposedly vaccinated two years ago, but 
they have no record of it at my vet's office, though they told me he was 
vaccinated when I took him for his shots two years ago.  

        I am looking forward to chatting with you all and I really wish all the 
best for you and your kitties!

        PS - can we share pictures of our cats on here?

        - Jennifer (and Ash too!)


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