She doesn't have a name yet. The right one will come. However, she got a new brother this morning, Another little one came out of the pine thicket a few days ago. He was extremely weak two days ago. I started feeding him chicken breast Monday and Tuesday. That livened him up a little. I put this little one in her carrier on the patio. He came to investigate. I suspect the conversation revolved around food, toys, food, dry sleeping quarters, food, kind words, food........He was not skittish at all and came within about 3 inches of getting in the carrier by himself. He got close enough that I could safely get him in a carrier and haul him to the vets'. They may be litter mates. They are both too young to test for FeLV but, to be honest, even if they test + (and I am sure they won't) they will have EVERYYYYYYTTTTTHHHHHHHIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG all their days. I just have to adjust to having kittens. I have never raised any.....I always found them homes and kept older cats. :))))))) At the first opportunity both will see a holistic vet, Dr. Betty Boswelll, in Louisville for a general checkup. I am going to start both on various supplements, especially colostrum, just to aid in their development. They, like all the critters who have blessed my life, have had a rough start.

Again, please listen to the people on this list and take what seems right for you and yours. Some believe in holistic/alternative care, some believe in conventional care, some, like me, believe in a combination. Some believe in communicators, others don't. It is a good variety and the range of experiences is impressive. Pick your path but do not be afraid to veer from it. Just make your decisions with both your heart and your head. It worked with the Royal Princess Kitty Katt and it worked with Dixie Louise. It will work with these two and it will work for you.
On Jul 30, 2008, at 12:59 PM, Jennifer wrote:

That's such a touching story...brought tears to my eyes. What is your new kitty's name? Hopefully she's with you for a very long time :)

        ~ loving mama to ~
          Morrison (born Oct. 10, 2000)
          Isobel aka Fat Girl (born Feb. 7, 2007)
          Ash (born July 11, 2007, diagnosed FeLV+ July 28, 2008)

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Dixie came to me as a grown throw away who had been on her own for a long time. She found her way to my Mom's where she hung out with the ferals who came for food, water and shelter. For three years and 12 days she had everything a little cat could want. She became the owner of a farm in rural Ky with a large sunroom, window sills, deer, turkey and windows everywhere; Christmas trees that stayed up for months just because she liked to sleep under them; a large bed with pillows and dolls.......everything a little cat could want, even things she didn't know about when she came into my life. She had the best regular and holist medical care available from the day I found out that she was FeLV+ and was so wonderfully healthy that I believed she had beaten it. She remained healthy until a couple of days before she left this world. When she left she was beside me, where she was always the safest, and in a Jeep that had taken her on many great adventures (she loved to travel between the farm and a home in Louisville). I have no regrets at all about having this wonderful little girl in my life. She taught me so much. Now, a month after she left, she has sent me a tiny kitten from the same pine thicket she came from. Apparently she thought this little one, who was alone just as she had been, should have everything too. There are no certainities in life. It sounds like you have a good grasp on the situation. This group has people knowledgeable in supplements that can help strengthen all your cats. Please listen to them and your heart.

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