Karen, Old Tom is definitely in our prayers.  It sounds like he had a wonderful 
life with you for these last 20 yrs.  Glad all your other critters made it 
through the storm OK.
Sharyl Sissy Rocket and Daisy's Babies
If you would put 'Old Tom' in your prayers, it would be appreciated.  He was 25 
years old 'I knew this for sure as I had him for 20 years', and had judged him 
at at least 10 by his teeth when I castrated him and did his teeth. He died in 
the lightning storm we had here last week.  He was FeLV positive for the 
last 10 yrs, and had endured other severe problems, but was in great health 
at his 'untimely' demise.  You all will think I'm crazy for being upset at 
losing him this way, but it was storming too severely to go out in the 
lightning storm and hail to get him in...I had just let him outside 15 minutes 
before the storm suddenly rolled in.  There were over 100mph straight line 
winds, many huge trees down, power lines, structural damage, etc.  I miss him 
terribly.  I have 25 cats I am taking care of, but 'The Old Man' was special.  
He was a tough, proud old guy.  There are a lot of good stories about him.  (I 
started to tell a few, but
 decided to leave it at that).   I just miss him. 

The neighbor lost 2 horses in the storm as well....all 70 head of my horses 
came through OK.

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