>> my Ash is FeLV+ and getting neutered on the 28th, but he's going in for
all his shots on the 14th.  He needs to be fixed because he's spraying and I
can't have that.  He can't be fixed without his vaxes. <<

Find a vet who will do the neuter without vaccinating first. It can be
tough, but there are more and more vets who are becoming "enlightened" to
the fact that vaccines are serious medicine. I worked briefly in a vet's
office a few years ago, and I clearly remember a client coming in to say
that she found a dog and she asked if it would hurt him if he had already
been vaccinated, to vaccinate him now. The vet, unequivocally, said there
were NO side effects, NO harm in vaccinating, 2, 3, 4, 100 times in a row.
At the time, I had no reason to believe otherwise, but now, I will NEVER
vaccinate my current animals again, and future animals will be vaccinated
minimally, if at all as well.

Orange County, CA
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