Welcome to the list!  I must admit, I feed pretty ordinary 
food.  Would do better if I didn't do rescue and consequently have 
rescue cats.  But I have 2 FELV cats that I acquired from Oklahoma, 
and they're over 10.  I've had them for a few years, the previous 
owner had them for quite a few.  They're not on anything special, 
except love and care. The vet for the previous owner had them 
vaccinated for FELV yearly - he thought it helped.  Go figure.

All my FELV cats are over 3.  The problems I've had are at the age 
2.5 to 3 yrs old, and never had one make it past that age.  My 
current 'theory' is to use interferon till they get over 3 yrs.  I 
have a friend with 1 FELV, and 1 non-FELV, and the FELV kitty made it 
to 3 yrs and beyond and she does keep him on interferon.. They're 
doing great too!

Thanks for writing and for joining the list!

in Arkansas

At 08:31 PM 8/13/2008, you wrote:
>Hello!  I'm new to this list.  My husband and I have two FeLV 
>positive cats.  Bo is four, and Seven was a year old in June.  We 
>have them both on interferon and have regular well-cat visits with 
>our vets.  So far, Bo and Seven are in good health.
>I have read a lot recently about diets for cats with FeLV.  Any tips 
>from the folks here on what to look for in designing a good-health 
>diet for our beloved cats?
>Glad to be a part of this list!
>Jody (and Bo & Seven)
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