I have recently heard that l-lysine is only effective against the herpes 
virus because it reduces the amount of l-arginine that the herpes virus 
needs in order to replicate.

Supposedly, there is no evidence that l-lysine is a general immune booster. 
I know that many people give it as a supplement and it is well tolerated by 
cats so there is no harm in giving it.  If anyone knows of a study that 
shows l-lysine is a general immune booster, please give me the link, I would 
be very interested in reading about it.



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> Welcome to the group Jody! So glad you hear your kitties are healthy! I 
> feed mine Innova Evo. I would also suggest pure L-Lysine as a supplement. 
> It's an immune system booster, comes in a tasteless powder form, and is 
> easy to mix into wet food.
> :)
> Wendy

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