I was on the set of the "Friday Night Lights" TV show, where I sometimes
works as an extra.  I was hanging around waiting for the shooting to start
when I noticed one of the principals, Taylor
petting a cat and feeding her ice cream off the catering truck.   I asked
him if he knew anything about the cat and he said, "No, but she's
friendly!"  I went and got the kitty some cat food, bowls, and water out of
my truck.  One of the other principals, Minka
Kelly,<http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1310368/>seemed amazed that I had
produced a 20 pound bag of cat food in the middle
of the night.  I explained to her that I did cat rescue and I always carried
these items, and gave her my card in case they ran into any more kitties in
need at any of the other shooting locations.
We had to wait to come back and get the kitty until we had the property
owner's permission.   So Sunday night we went back and obtained permission.
Seems the property owner also has an unaltered male cat on the property
named "Hot Sauce."  We shared our dinner with Hot Sauce and found him to be
a very lovable kitty.  We got permission from the property owner to have him
neutered and then return him.  We also found that our new kitty (we named
her Taylor)  had 3 adorable little kittens.  One brown tabby and white, one
blue tabby, and one blue tabby and white.  They are all safe and warm and
fed at one of our great foster parents' homes now.

I have taken lots of pics of the kittens now, some are posted at

Taylor is combo neg.  The kittens are too young to be tested.


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