That's an EXCELLENT website.  Nothing straightens out cats and kittens like the 
recipe from  CRF, LK, cancer, symptomatic FIV, healthy cats, you 
name it, we've had cats on this diet with tremendous success and never once a 
bad result.  You just have to treat the raw meat with respect.    And nothing 
beats the entertainment of watching a kitten eat it.  The growling, the sheer 
delight - very funny! 

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> Tracey thanks for this post. I bought everything, using the
> recipe and
> resources on, during the food scare. I never
> got the courage to
> make the food....maybe I will at some point. Soon, I hope.
> Laurie
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> >>A few months ago I found a kitten (Abbey) who was
> near death who tested +.
> She had uncontrollable diarrhea, I mean it was everywhere
> and 
>     I have 3 other cats, all -'s and I have fed them a
> homemade raw chicken 
> and bones diet for the last 9 months. I started feeding her
> the raw diet.
> It was 
> amazing!  Within a week it was solid as can be, and she is
> really the
> picture of health.
>     I took me a long time to make the decision to make my
> own food and it 
> also took a while to get them switched over to this new
> diet, but it was
> well worth the effort!  They are so healthy!  Their coats
> are extremely
> shiny and softer, their temperaments are better, they are
> much more active
> (playing
> more than they ever did), and my 16 lb 'fat cat'
> has lost a little weight. 
> I just couldn't believe it.
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