Thanks so much Tracey for all this helpful info. Will look at the site
as soon as I get a break from work.  
I'm picking up more meds tonight, and if that does nothing, then this
will be my backup plan.
Your story about Abbey is very encouraging--congratulations. She's a
lucky little girl that she found you!

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Kerry, I have had a little experience with the loose stools you're
A few months ago I found a kitten (Abbey) who was near death who tested
She had
uncontrollable diarrhea, I mean it was everywhere and she didn't even
know it was coming out.  Of course she had been starving and eating God 
what.  But I fed her only the best food (Wellness canned) to try to get
She was wormed and was on antibiotics for 10 days initially. Gradually
the first
few weeks she got better and better, but she would still 'ooze'
the litter box, and inside the box it was still extremely loose like 
babyfood.   So I
started giving her Fortiflora (recommended by the vet) for 30 days. It
help a little
bit, but it was never solid like it should have been.
    I have 3 other cats, all -'s and I have fed them a homemade raw
and bones diet for the
last 9 months.  I was reluctant to give it to her (Abbey) because I was 
hoping to find her a home
and it would be very unlikely that anyone else would give her that same 
diet, so I didn't
want her system to have to get used to a different diet.  Anyway, after 
about 6 weeks
of dealing with the diarrhea, I started feeding her the raw diet.  It
amazing!  Within a week
it was solid as can be, and she is really the picture of health.
    Another cat I took in a year ago (Missy), a stray starving kitten,
had diarrhea issues, but hers
also had blood in it (bright red).  Of course I had her stools checked
they never found anything
wrong, which is terribly frustrating.  You know there has to be
wrong if there is blood in it.
My vets could never find anything though.  She is the reason I started 
researching cat foods.
    I took me a long time to make the decision to make my own food and
also took a while to get them switched
over to this new diet, but it was well worth the effort!  They are so 
healthy!  Their coats are
extremely shiny and softer, their temperaments are better, they are much

more active (playing
more than they ever did), and my 16 lb 'fat cat' has lost a little
I just couldn't believe
it could make such a difference.  I got my recipe form and  These are
awesome websites, one is even a veterinarian.
It is 'complete' if you make it right and use the right ingredients and 
supplements. It is not that expensive.
I make 15 pounds of it at a time and freeze it.  Making the food is a
intimidating at first, but I have it down pat now.
I will never feed dryfood again, or use anything but a high quality
food. It 
does makes all the difference.
Good luck!
Tracey (Indiana)

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> Hi all,
> My FeLV foster kitten, Daisy (about 14 weeks old now) has had soft
> stools, and sometimes uncontrollable diarrhea, ever since she was
> in the street at 3 weeks.
> When I began fostering her about 5 weeks ago she had been taking meds
> for coccidia for several weeks without improvement. I took her to my
> vet, who has state of the art everything, including feces-testing
> methods, and he found that her coccidia had cleared up (it never
> actually goes away) and what she had was (bad) bacterial growth. He
> her on a 3-meds treatment plan that included 5 days Panacure.
> She has control now, but her stool is still baby food consistency.
> My question is---have any of you ever used an exclusive diet of
> or raw chicken to treat a *kitten's* diarrhea/loose stool?
> I've used it successfully with my former adult FeLV, Snoball, but I'm
> worried about the effects of an incomplete (albeit temporary) diet of
> this kind on a kitten.
> I'd also welcome hearing of any other successful ways that anyone may
> have found in treating kittens' loose stools.
> Thanks!
> Kerry M.
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