It's not a matter of being wrong. We are all learning as we go. You have a
handful and it can be overwhelming. Please keep communicating. We ALL learn
from each other. :)

Please do read the info I sent on assisted feeding...I have walked this road
and they can turn the corner if we can just keep enough food going into
them! The issue causing them to not eat is often just a temporary
problem...that's why it is so important to keep them eating. I have just
completed two months of assist feeding Frankie (I tried 10 different kinds
of food and FINALLY Fancy Feast did the trick! I still had to hold the bowl
and a spoon to his nose as it seemed he could not smell the food. The Fancy
Feast that got him eating was Gourmet Salmon and shrimp. He now also eats
Gourmet Seafood Feast. I turned my nose up at FF for years but the vet and a
friend recommended it for kits who aren't eating... and it worked!!! I urge
you to give it a try. It is very strong smelling and my other five hang
around Frankie's bowl hoping to nab a bite!

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