Sidney, you didn't create a fuss or do anything wrong, it was just something I was aware of and if it something concerning the safety of our kitties I feel it is better mentioned than not.

Nobody knows everything but I learn by being told or by example. You can't be doing anything wrong if you don't know. Even though on the tysons it says flavors it doesn't mean 100% for sure there is onion in it but there may be, so for me personally it is better to be safe than sorry if there are other options for food he will eat.

Baby food is a good option, I feed it to my guys all the time to fatten them up if they are losing weight or to get them to take their pills in the morning. Gerber has twice the calories of beechnut and my guys favor one over the other at various times. One thing if it is all you are feeding for any length of time you'll want to add a 1/10 of a multi vitamin and some taurine to it and mix it in, cats need taurine and baby food doesn't have it. This would only apply if it is all he is eating for weeks or longer.

Just curious has anyone else noticed the chicken gerbers is not pink anymore but has a tan or yellowish tint???? It doesn't smell or taste funny but my cats don't like it anymore, they like the pink if I can find it but won't touch the tanish, yellowish one. I've been meaning to call gerber and find out if they have changed their formula and let them know my furkids won't touch it anymore. Shame because it has more calories and they usually prefer the creamery texture.


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