Amen to that. You are providing the most important and care. A lot is trial and error....sometimes painful error but those from love are never wrong. They just happen. I learn from each wonderful creature that choses to come into my life. Let your heart be open and you will too. If you need to vent I too am open. I listen pretty good.

A caution on the Pepcid that my vet gave me (I've used it successfully with several friends): Make sure it is the original formula. I think it is 4 mg but ask someone on the list (like Wendy) to be sure. Some of the other versions can cause problems.
On Dec 28, 2008, at 5:23 PM, wendy wrote:

You haven't done anything wrong! You are learning and there's nothing at all wrong with that! Thank God you want to help General, and are seeking out information to do so! Sometimes posts that are meant to be helpful can come out a little too strongly/passionately/ opinionated or like they're telling you what to do, but usually its because those thoughts are backed by painful memories of loss/ lessons learned the hard way. You do what is comfortable for you and General, and please don't feel pressured to do anything else. Feel free to email me off list, or anyone else I would assume, that you feel comfortable talking to if posting here makes you uncomfortable.

I had some issues with my Julie not eating (she was not FeLV, but CRF/hyperthyroid and 17-18 yrs. old). She responded very well to Beechnut chicken and gravy baby food, as well as raw chicken boiled, and the broth created from the boiled chicken. Also, deli meat sometimes. And I gave her 1/4 Pepcid AC original formula sometimes; that really helped settle her stomach and get her eating. She would stop eating if her stomach was upset. Sub-Q fluids will also most likely make General feel better. I learned from others on this site and good websites how to do it and you would be surprised how easy it is and how much better it makes sick kitties feel. I now keep needles, tubing, and lactated ringers (fluids) on hand at all times in case my kitties get sick.

Please ask if you need anything else!
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It's ok, I'm not going to give it to him anymore. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to create a fuss or this much discussion! I know I've done wrong now. I won't
do it again.

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