L-lysine is not a general immune booster, it is primarily effective against
herpes virus (which sometimes causes URI like symptoms and runny eyes) by
suppressing the L-arginine that herpes virus needs in order to replicate.
I'm not saying it doesn't do anything else, I just haven't seen anything
that shows that it does.  But, since it won't do any harm, I suppose giving
it couldn't hurt.  I would suggest buying the 1 lb. jar of powdered lysine
made by NOW, a lot easier to use and less expensive than capsules.  The jar
contains 822 500mg doses.


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he General sounds like a fabulous cat. It is great that he persisted.

Are you using l-lycine as a supplement?

Thanks, he is a really special guy. He's won all of us non-cat people 
in the family over (except the dog, and she still hate him). I know of 
Dr. Dodds from having an epileptic dog :-) I didn't realize that she 
was involved with cats as well.

I'm going to talk to my vet this year about the vaccinations.  I don't 
have my dog vaccinated any longer, and since General is now an inside 
cat, I don't really see the need for him to be vaccinated.


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