> Give them suppotive cats good food and lots of love. 
Yes, I already use good food of quality and in fact I have this infected cat 
since 2007 and he's living very well. I hope my older too will regain energy 
and be well again, even if I know that their destiny will be to develop 
something serious.

>I do not blame my shelter as it was animal control and his fate was death
My shelter claims to give away only tested cats, but this was not the case and 
now... they're even blaming me for causing a possible infection to the last 
kitten I've adopted!!!
This is a pain, because it was their fault and now they're attacking me.

I'm really sad for this, because I never complained with them about giving care 
to the cats they gave me in a poor health condition.

I have 4 cats and two of them are "mine": the older one (Trudi) comes from a 
friend of mine who had a queen with kitten, the other one (Ginny) was found by 
me on the road, and kept. These two are healthy and have never been to the vet, 
except for the vaccination. The other two (Miro and Babette) come from the same 
shelter and both developed rhinitis and had problems with their eyes etc.
In these two months, since I took the 4th cat, I've been almost 20 times to the 
vet!!! And it's going on...

But I think we will survive, eventually!


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