I don't mean to intrude here, but what type of gel did you get for the 
stomatitis?Debbie (COL)"The time is always right to do what is right" -  Martin 
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> > Hi Chris,> thank-you very much for sharing your story. The problem here is 
that in these days I read very much on FeLV and FIV and I agree with you. My 
cats have always been together (except for Trudi, who is a lone wolf), they 
play, groom each other and they eat together even if they have one bowl each 
:-)> They go out and I live in the country, so there are surely many stray cats 
and many owners who don't bother to test their cats!> > What am I supposed to 
do? I don't want to keep them inside because it's like a prison for them.> > On 
friday I will test the last two of them and I strongly hope they're negative, 
so I will continue to vaccine them and hope.> > My vet scared me a lot saying 
that FIV is very transmissible and the virus is strong and cats can catch it by 
grooming each other. Since I knew that it's not so, I tried to ask once again 
to this vet, but she keeps on saying that FIV spreads very well. I'm really 
surprised to hear so...> > I so decided to take Trudi to another vet and she 
immediately recognized stomatitis in her mouth (which the first one denied) and 
nose. She simply gave me a gel for her mouth. About the dermatitis: it can be 
for amoxicillin but we don't know. We decided to use, first, something against 
fleas and then wait and see. If the situation does not change, we will try with 
a local gel.> > Has anyone had experience with dermatitis?> For Trudi it's the 
first time, and that's why I think it was the amoxicillin.> > If you want to 
see picture of my 4 babies, I have a blog. It's written in "cattish" so you 
cannot understand, but you can see pictures.> It's www.trumiro.com> > Hi all!> 
Stef> > > Passa a Yahoo! Mail.> > La webmail che ti offre GRATIS spazio 
illimitato, > antispam e messenger integrato.> http://it.mail.yahoo.com/        
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