> Check with another vet.  A specialist testing the Royal
> Princess Kitty Katt (not FeLV+ but diagnosing cancer) about
> killed her with some meds....of course he said it wasn't
> the drugs but she straightened up under the care of her
> regular vet.  For over a week I thought she was dying.  She
> could barely move.  If your gut tells you one thing and the
> vet says another check it out.  I can't answer your
> other questions but I am sure someone on the panel can.  The
> amount of knowledge and experience here is amazing.

Thanks a lot.
I'm very anxious with my cat because she has NEVER been ill in all her life and 
now she has everything?!?!? I cannot understand, really.
I cannot accept that she is Felv+ and has never never had any slight problem in 
NINE years of age!

She has never taken any medication, except for one injection of Baytrill two 
years ago, because she had ache in her throat.

How can she be Felv+ and have other problems?

If you read my first message I described her current problem: saliva production 
+ strange tongue (it seems smooth and not as a cat tongue has to be) + red and 
watery nose (but not as in a cold!, it's the nose itself that is wet).


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