One thing on transmission== a vet once told me...  Both viruses have been
around since the time of the dinosaurs==if they were that easily
transmitted, we would have no cats left!  I think that the trouble is that
vets generally see kittens who succumb because they are young and can't
fight off infection.  I doubt that most vets test an older cat who shows
signs of one of the FELV related conditions--cancer, gum infection, etc.
And then there are the older cats who don't ever go to a vet and just live
their regular lives.  I've not found any random studies that test a large
population of domestic and ferals and then just watch over a period of time.


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Stef --

Sorry you're having all this trouble and worry right now.  

About FIV, you are right and your vet is wrong.  It is VERY hard to transmit
other than through fighting (deep bites) and sex.  It's much less
"contagious" than FeLV, and even FeLV appears to be not as contagious as
originally thought.  I'm on a feral cat list where there has been some
discussion of FeLV, and people have said they've seen cat colonies where
they know that some cats are FeLV+, and if it's as transmissible as we're
supposed to believe, the whole colonies should have gotten sick and died,
and they just haven't.  The trouble is that for some reason some vets don't
keep up with new research as much as they should, and keep giving wrong
information, and more importantly, don't know the right things to do to keep
the cats as healthy as possible or to treat them properly when they do get

Your cats are very cute!

Diane R.  


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Hi Chris,
thank-you very much for sharing your story. The problem here is that in
these days I read very much on FeLV and FIV and I agree with you. My cats
have always been together (except for Trudi, who is a lone wolf), they play,
groom each other and they eat together even if they have one bowl each :-)
They go out and I live in the country, so there are surely many stray cats
and many owners who don't bother to test their cats!

What am I supposed to do? I don't want to keep them inside because it's like
a prison for them.

On friday I will test the last two of them and I strongly hope they're
negative, so I will continue to vaccine them and hope.

My vet scared me a lot saying that FIV is very transmissible and the virus
is strong and cats can catch it by grooming each other. Since I knew that
it's not so, I tried to ask once again to this vet, but she keeps on saying
that FIV spreads very well. I'm really surprised to hear so...

I so decided to take Trudi to another vet and she immediately recognized
stomatitis in her mouth (which the first one denied) and nose. She simply
gave me a gel for her mouth. About the dermatitis: it can be for amoxicillin
but we don't know. We decided to use, first, something against fleas and
then wait and see. If the situation does not change, we will try with a
local gel.

Has anyone had experience with dermatitis?
For Trudi it's the first time, and that's why I think it was the

If you want to see picture of my 4 babies, I have a blog. It's written in
"cattish" so you cannot understand, but you can see pictures.

Hi all!

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