> I am certainly not diagnosing your cat. In humans a smooth
> tongue is a symptom of anemia. Anemia is common in FELV cats. Are her
> gums pale? I had severe anemia and my tongue was very sore as well. >Could be 
> why  she is not grooming it hurts.
Thank-you Sally and all! I don't think she has anemia, because her blood test 
gave good results: she only has a higher level of cholesterol, but the other 
things are ok.
Today I will go to another vet at 11.00 and I will explain everything to her in 
order to understand what is happening.

Yesterday I had another shock: my other cat (I have 4 cats) who comes from a 
shelter and was before a stray cat, is positive both with FIV and FeLV. When I 
took him from the shelter they did not have him tested and did not say 
anything. He has a chronic rhinitis because he was ill as a kitten, but he 
copes well, eats, etc...

I did not test him when I took him because I was ignorant and I thought that 
FeLV could be transmitted with prolonged contact or fight and sexual 
intercourse. Since he was neutered and was a quiet cat, I wasn't worried.

Now, with my older cat being diagnosed wiht FeLV, I'm proceeding to test all 
other cats, and this is the surprise: HE is ill, so the most probable thing is 
that this cat came to my house and brought FeLV with him, because my older cat 
has always lived with me and been strong and in excellent health and have never 
had contacts with other cats because of her very strange behaviour (a sort of 
"Mr. Monk"!).

The shelter is responsible for this, and now I'm very worried for the other two 
cats. Even though they are vaccinated against FeLV, I know that the vaccine 
cannot guarantee 100% coverage (is coverage the right word?) against the virus. 
If my older cat, who is always by herself and does not even go where the other 
cats go, has been infected, I cannot imagine what happened with the other two, 
who are close friends with this poor cat and are always together grooming 
theirselves and playing.

I'm really sad and disillusioned.

I learned, however, that cats can live many years even if they're positive, so 
... let's hope.

Thank you all,
I will write the news later. This list is a blessing.


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