Very sorry to hear this, Stefania--I would suggest joining & posting to the
FIP group, there are some people on there who are very knowledgable about
things to try to rule out with FIP diagnosis and such.   Post any test results you have.

I hope and pray Miro does not have FIP, give him a kiss for us!


On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 10:16 AM, Stefania <> wrote:

> > i think you owe it to others who
> > adopt from this shelter and the shelter itself to tell them
> > about this.  maybe they don't realize that they should
> > test all cat coming to them and maybe they are staffed by
> Hello,
> I spoke to the volunteers of the shelter about my cat, but the situation
> has gotten worse. They says they informed me he was not tested and I
> remember clearly they did not. So, we are on opposite sides.
> However, they now do test their cats, even if I think that those tests
> cannot be accurate 100% due to the living situation in a shelter, where many
> cats are together and diseases can be spreaded easily.
> The situation in my home is:
> Trudi, FIV- FeLV+, with dermatitis and stomatitis. She seem better than
> before, but not ok. She has a check-up scheduled for next saturday.
> Ginny, negative for both.
> Babette, negative for both and under vaccination just now (she got the
> first shot and on saturday she will receive the second one). I hope
> everything is well.
> Miro, FIV and FeLV+, under this last two weeks has developed a serious
> illnes that can be something of the liver or FIP! This was the final stroke,
> for me.
> I'm very very sad. The vets suspect FIP or another disease and we sent a
> sample of its abdominal liquid for a PCR.
> Does anyone have info about FIP?
> I have read a lot and discovered that it's very difficult to diagnose, so
> maybe he has another disease and it's better to treat him for them.
> I know that FIP has no cure.
> Stefania
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