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Kerry, when I was MUCH younger, vets would tell you that cats couldn't get 
heartworms...but I have seen for myself that it is possible.  I have not used 
Revolution, but the spay/neuter clinic routinely uses it for every animal they 
put under for sedation.

I do keep my cats on Frontline and Advantage...wouldn't that kill any mosquito 
borne parasite as well?  Curious kittens are....curious.....

Debbie (COL)
"The time is always right to do what is right" -  Martin Luther King

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Feline Heartworm?
> Dear all,
> Just received this from my vet's clinic. My first instinct is nooooo, but I 
> would welcome your thoughts on the necessity for "all-year-round Revolution"? 
> Thanks!
> Kerry M.
> Feline Heartworm Update:
> Dear Pet Owner,                                                               
>                              April 2009
> A new study from Auburn University has indicated that heartworm disease in 
> cats is a far bigger issue than previously thought.  Cats can get heartworm 
> infection through the simple bite of an infected mosquito.  Studies have 
> shown: Indoor cats are just as susceptible to infection when mosquitoes enter 
> our home.
> Once bitten, immature heartworms are transmitted and the heartworm lifecycle 
> begins.  The larval worms then start their journey through the body, 
> ultimately affecting the heart, blood vessels and lungs.
> A cat's body is designed to respond and kill foreign invaders, including 
> heartworm larvae before they develop into adults.  As the cat's body 
> responds, the intense inflammatory reaction causes severe damage to the lung 
> tissue. This disease state is clinically recognized as Heartworm Associated 
> Respiratory Disease or H.A.R.D.  Once this damage to the lung tissue occurs, 
> it is not reversible and there is no treatment to remove the adult heartworms 
> from a cat.
> With this new information we are now recommending ALL CATS be put on 
> Revolution year round.  Revolution is a broad spectrum parasiticide that in 
> addition to preventing heartworm also prevents intestinal parasites, ear 
> mites and fleas.
> Please contact us if you would like to discuss prevention for your cat.  
> Sincerely,
> The Doctors and Staff at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital 
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