Laura, bravo for finding a different vet!  And a huge HOORAY for Miss 

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Update on Charlotte
> I brought Charlotte back to the vet yesterday. She still wasn't doing well, 
> just nibbling at her food and appearing very lethargic. Since I wasn't 
> especially happy with my vet's response to her, I tried another clinic that 
> I'd heard good things about, just to get a second opinion. Dr. Ray took more 
> blood and told me that Charlotte was indeed very anemic - her PCV was 9% 
> versus about 40% for a healthy young adult cat. So I was a little ticked off 
> that my regular vet didn't tell me just how anemic she was, and a week had 
> gone by when something else could have been done. The vet was concerned about 
> tumors but X-rays showed nothing. He recommended that a blood transfusion be 
> done immediately, so he packed up his 22 pound donor cat and I brought both 
> cats to North Fulton emergency center since they were just down the road & Dr 
> Ray's office was closing for the day.
> I picked Charlotte up at 11:30 last night (lots of coffee was needed since it 
> was an hour and a half drive) and she was so hungry! She started chowing down 
> right away. She now has doxycycline and Prednisilone twice a day. Now we just 
> have to wait for the rest of the test results to come back. I'll keep you all 
> updated.
> Thank goodness for was almost $900 yesterday. My mom asked me, 
> "Why didn't you just put her down?" but I couldn't. She doesn't want to die. 
> She's purring and rolling over to be petted and even yesterday when she 
> didn't feel good she was going up to everybody and looking for attention.
> Laura
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