Haven't seen any research on congenital heart defect. Have used it (Transfer Factor) with several "very old" cats including one of mine that died at "known over 25 yrs of age".

He, before TF would "fill up" abdominally and around lungs and heart (severe respitory distress due to fluid build up).. After 1 TF/day and no other treatment, would do fine with in 2 days, and continue to improve. Abdominal swelling gone, respitory distress alleviated, normal eating and breathing. Not saying it will help heart defect, but found it to decrease vascular inflammation and do away with the usual abdominal/lung filling of fluid associatiated with cardiac failure. After his diagnosis of cardiac, liver, kidney failure, he lived another 9 years. Keep in mind that this is just one case with no double blind control. Just my experience with TF in this situation.

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Sorry to go off topic, but have you seen any trials with TF with feline
heart disease patients?  I have a kitty who has a severe congenital heart
defect.  She's going on 4, fingers crossed.


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I have seen great improvement in surrounding cardiac fluid decrease, liver and kidney malady fluid problems remedied with the treatment of TF (all of which can cause breathing difficulties and fluid build-up around the lungs
and heart).

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