How were his liver values?   He isn't "yellow" at all (whites of eyes,
insides of ears)?  Just worry about hepatic lipidosis, the couple of
run ins we've had with it were very, very sick cats but a friend just
had a rescue who looked so good (also eating pretty well) they had no
idea she was jaundiced though there was yellow they were missing.

If so she should be on a SAME med like denosyl or denamarin and likely
some other supplements as well, with force feeding or a feeding tube.

I'm not an expert but wanted to mention--keep up posted!

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 5:57 PM, Judy Eaton <> wrote:
> This is my introductory note to you guys. I am Judy Eaton and live in 
> Richland, Oregon, a tiny, remote farming community. I am a lifelong animal 
> lover, especially of cats, and have owned many. Currently, I have an 11 month 
> old grey tabby, Wilson Combat, who is fel leuk positive. I found out about 
> the diagnosis when I had him neutered at 5 months, and last weekend had him 
> checked again, due to lethargy, no appetite, and third eyelid over one eye. 
> He is still positive. His blood was checked, and actually his count was 
> pretty good. However, he still isn't eating, and just moping around.
> I have offered him every kitty treat I can think of( cooked chicken, 
> hamburger, tuna), with no luck. He purrs, and looks good,no vomiting or 
> diarrhea, but the anorexia has to lead to major weight loss. Do these cats 
> get better and then worse in cycles? I would suspect that. I am an RN and 
> have had comparable experiences with people with devastating diagnoses, and 
> guessed that this cat's case may be similar. I am so sad about all this, and 
> I guess I just need some support!
> We are letting him go outside. He has his own kitty door...We are very 
> isolated, and my husband and I want him to be as happy as he can be. I know 
> the risks.
> Thanks!
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