I just noticed that your kitty is having breathing problems. That worried me. In all of my treatments for FeLV, I use Transfer Factor Plus in addition to other supportive treatments depending upon the symptoms .You can do what you want, but the only reason that I paid the money and became a distributor was so that I could order it at wholesale. I was using it on multiple species and with the amount that I was using it just made sense to pay the money to become a distributor to get it wholesale. (By the way, I and my 84 yr old cancer surviving mother who mows 2 acres of grass with a push mower and rakes it by hand both take it.)

I have seen great improvement in surrounding cardiac fluid decrease, liver and kidney malady fluid problems remedied with the treatment of TF (all of which can cause breathing difficulties and fluid build-up around the lungs and heart).

I can't go into the trials I have done tonight because I have 2 mares ready to foal. I would suggest your kitty to take one Transfer Plus Nano Factor/day. Hopefully it will decrease the fluid about the lung and heart. My ID number is 6109801 and the company's toll free number is 888-454-3374 .

I would also suggest that you buy some fresh chicken livers and slow cook them on a low heat until the outsides appear cooked....leave the centers a bit pink. Use the water from the cooking as drinking water for your cat and feed the livers as best you can. (Whole, chopped, mashed.) Maybe need to mash them, cut them up, etc. Whatever, put all water and livers in a closed container for further feeding, to decrease O2 from mixing. The boiled water will have better hydrating effects, as we used to call it....'Heavy Water"...Will have increased hydration plus increased iron content. Put this for drinking water separately or over anything the cat will eat to help the anemia and fluid replenishment. Feed the liver as best you can, (In addition to the Nutrical) and as needed sub/cut Lactated Ringers (previous email).

If your kitty resumes appetite, I am a big fan of a raw diet (I can send recipes if that occurs), as this is what nature gave the feline for the best immune support. Keep in mind....even the Wal-mart diet food, if that is what your cat wants to eat is great. Food in any form is good! What ever the cat will eat is great. Don't worry about this diet or that. (And that is from an Animal Nutritionist.) Just get the cat to eat something it will eat.

Good luck, and good eating to your feline friend.

Karen Griffith  740-992-5782

P.S. Here is a non-company, non-distributor site to read a few abstracts of research papers (human), but will give you an idea of Transfer Factors' effectiveness. (Click on all of the links from overseas.)

As a nurse you will appreciate the results.


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