Good Morning, I am new to this site, but having several positive kitties I 
would like to have someone to chat with. 2 years ago I brought Joey into my 
home. He was about 6 months old and quite a character. I kept him in my bedroom 
to protect the other cats from this disease. I then brought Angela in so he 
would have a buddy. After that, I seemed to have many gravitate to me. I at one 
time had 10, all in my bedroom (thank goodness it is big). In all, 13 have made 
their homes here, with 7 still living and doing well. I am hoping to educate 
folks, and find homes for positive babies, as I certainly can't take them 
all.... but haven't said no to one yet. I had Joey for just under 2 years when 
I  lost him. Have had a couple for under a month, but they knew they were loved 
and I was able to be there for them. I am so sorry that Rossi has passed, but 
he will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. Thanks for letting me drone 
on. Kathi
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  The kitty who passed was Rossi. His buddy is Martini -- Martini & Rossi!
  I have 13 other cats in the house, and would never forgive myself if I 
somehow introduced the virus into the rest of the population. I do allow 
Martini to play with another cat (who is an outcast by his own choosing -- 
hates all other cats except Martini & Rossi), but supervised and with the food 
and water bowls and litter boxes put away. Also Martini likes to play 
with/tease the dogs! He is quite the character, and has a real 
mischievous/naughty streak.
  Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts about Rossi. We buried him 
in our yard, so he can stay close.

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  > Susan, I'm so sorry for your loss.  What was your baby's name?  As others
  > have said, it sounds like he went peacefully and that is great.  Gentle
  > Bridge vibes to him.
  > Everybody has different circumstances, but is there any way you could
  > integrate your other FeLV+ baby into the household?  Many people on this
  > list have mixed their positive and negative kitties with no ill effects to
  > either.  That's a thing that some people are comfortable with and some
  > aren't, but it's something to think about and research.  The files of this
  > website are an excellent source.
  > Diane R. 
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  > My FeLV+ 5-year-old (or so) kitty died suddenly over the weekend and I was
  > wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or heard of any with
  > otherwise (seemingly) healthy leuk-positive cats. He seemed fine, thriving
  > in fact: plump, nice coat, good appetite, good stool, active, affectionate.
  > I found him curled up as if he were sleeping comfortably but he was gone.
  > Thinking back, he may have seemed slightly lethargic for a day or two
  > beforehand, but not enough to warrant any concern at the time on my part.
  > Does anyone know if this happens -- a heart thing? Stroke? Needless to say,
  > the only other FeLV+ cat in the household (they were sequestered together)
  > seems kinda lost, and I am a bit worried that he will be affected
  > physically. 
  > Thanks!
  > Susan
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