Oh, Sarai, I am so sorry.  What a terrible experience for all of you. I'm
glad you stuck with her all the way and were able to do the kind thing when
it was time.  Gentle Bridge vibes to little Bella. I like to think that when
they go so young they get another chance, and I hope she finds you again.
Hugs to you and the other kitty, and I hope he stays asymptomatic.   

Diane R.

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I subscribed to this mailing just a few weeks ago when I found out that my 2
kittens were FeLV positive. I committed to caring for them though the first
vet (who since I have since stopped going to) told me to have them put down
and "spare myself the agony and financial burden". 


My girl kitty, Bella, 4 months old had a pretty bad herpes infection with a
fever of 105 for over two weeks. She stopped eating her hard food and I so I
was spoon feeding her baby food to try to get her to gain weight. She was
also on antibiotics- She had good days and bad days, it was quite the roller
coaster for those weeks.  She seemed to be doing better this past week-
interacting more, eating lots, etc.  Then all of a sudden, in the middle of
the night on Wednesday, her neurological system went haywire. She began
biting herself uncontrollably, running into walls, stumbling around and she
lost most of her vision. Within 6 hours of the symptoms beginning, we were
forced to love enough to let her go. Our new vet was wonderful and helped us
through the whole process with kindness. He thinks that the leukemia went
systemic and settled in her brain. It feels like it happened so fast. While
we are still grieving our loss, we are also very worried about our other
kitten. While he is FeLV positive, he has not had any clinical issues.
He seems perfectly normal, loving and active. 


I am wondering if there are others out there with a "not sick" FELV kitty
and if so, what kind of measures are you taking to help increase their
chance of making it through this? Our vet said that if he makes it to 6
months old, we may be able to re-test to see if he has suppressed the virus.
He is just over 4 months old now and has lost his sister, which has been
very stressful on him. He is an indoors only kitty. We also have him taking
Lysine (to keep herpes symptoms at bay) and Pet-tinic (vitamins). 






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