I'm so sorry Sarai..... I've never seen the symptoms you described.
It this must have been just terrifying to watch.  You did the right
thing to put Bella down, but I know how hard it is to lose a precious


> My girl kitty, Bella, 4 months old had a pretty bad herpes
> infection with a fever of 105 for over two weeks. She stopped
> eating her hard food and I so I was spoon feeding her baby food to
> try to get her to gain weight. She was also on antibiotics- She had
> good days and bad days, it was quite the roller coaster for those
> weeks.  She seemed to be doing better this past week- interacting
> more, eating lots, etc.  Then all of a sudden, in the middle of the
> night on Wednesday, her neurological system went haywire. She began
> biting herself uncontrollably, running into walls, stumbling around
> and she lost most of her vision. Within 6 hours of the symptoms
> beginning, we were forced to love enough to let her go. Our new vet
> was wonderful and helped us through the whole process with
> kindness. He thinks that the leukemia went systemic and settled in
> her brain. It feels like it happened so fast. While we are still
> grieving our loss, we are also very worried about our other kitten.
> While he is FeLV positive, he has not had any clinical issues. He
> seems perfectly normal, loving and active.
> I am wondering if there are others out there with a "not sick" FELV
> kitty and if so, what kind of measures are you taking to help
> increase their chance of making it through this? Our vet said that
> if he makes it to 6 months old, we may be able to re-test to see if
> he has suppressed the virus. He is just over 4 months old now and
> has lost his sister, which has been very stressful on him. He is an
> indoors only kitty. We also have him taking Lysine (to keep herpes
> symptoms at bay) and Pet-tinic (vitamins).
> ~Sarai 

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