I'm so sorry about Bella.  I only ever had one leuk pos kitty that seemed to 
have neurological symptoms.  She lost the use of her back legs and it was very 
difficult to watch.  Bella is so lucky to have found you.  I've had probably 15 
or so leuk positives (have four now) and every one has been so different.  Most 
of mine have led very happy, healthy lives until cancer or anemia has taken 
them from me.  I've had some live months and some that have lived several 
years.  Hang in there and best of luck to you.  I'm glad the other kitty has 
you.  No real advice how to care for them.  I give mine lots of love and treat 
them like any other cat.  I just give them a good diet, minimize stress, keep 
them indoors and take them for routine check-ups.  Good luck and welcome to the 



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