I'm with Brenda. My Patches wasn't a typical scenario. He was a stray who
found us in the middle of the night -- I happened to wake up and hear him
demanding attention outside the window. We enticed him in and "isolated" him
in the back hall, giving him food and water. We have a screen door in the
back hall whose purpose has been to keep the cats from wandering into the
basement, but just for that night we figured it would keep Patches separate
from the others until we could tend to de-fleaing, de-matting (he had the
nastiest mats) and vetting. Four hours later I awoke to a conversation
between Patches and Tribble, taking place in the front porch room, the full
length of the house away from where we had "safely" left Patches. So he had
had 4 hours to mingle with the others, eat their food, etc. When we took him
to the vet 3 days later -- long holiday weekend -- and found out he was
positive, we were worried for the others and were considering whether to
have the others vaccinated or what. We didn't, and nobody has gotten sick in
the several years since then. We did isolate Patches, after the fact, and
I'm very sorry now that we did. After the mats came off -- they must have
hurt him dreadfully -- he was such a lovey guy and really wanted to be with
the rest of us. I really hope that that wasn't what kicked his FeLV into
action -- his lymph nodes swelled and he wouldn't eat, and he was only with
us a couple of months. I guess he was just meant to come to us so he would
have care and love at the end, but it's still hard when you let them into
your life and then they leave.

Diane R.

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 Almost all of the info you are going to find online is outdated.  My vet
told me the vaccination is 85 to 90% effective and that an adult cat has
little chance of getting infected, even if not vaccinated.  All I can say is
Bailey lived with as many as 8 house mates and not one of them ever became
FeLV +.  He and Joey were best buds and they would groom, even touching
tongue to tongue and I had Joey PRC (DNA test) tested to make sure and he
was negative.  Bailey lived with his house mates for 11 years so I feel
pretty comfortable mixing.  If I were to have another positive I wouldn't be
worried about mixing as long as they weren't viciously hostile to each


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