the stats WOULDN'T have us believe it's that bad, that's the
point--70% of adult cats will either NOT become infected or will not
stay infected. most feral groups don't even bother testing any more,
because the rest of the colony has already been exposed and killing
asymptomatic cats isn't going to change that. it's been known for a
long time that it takes persistent and prolonged contact to pass
FeLV--it's ignorance and scare-tactics (and laziness--it's easier to
just kill what you don't understand than to stay up on the current
research) that keeps killing positives. the tests test only for
EXPOSURE--not for persistent infection.

we haven't a clue on how many positive, actually infected, cats ever
even become symptomatic--it could be a very small number. we don't
even know how many "positives" really are, since vets can't seem to
get the need to retest issue, tho it's been in the professional and
educational literature for at least the past ten years.

just ten years ago, vets everywhere were telling people that if an
outside cat with FeLV breathed on your housecats through a screen,
your cats WOULD catch it..... sometimes, it seems we haven't gotten
much beyond that point.


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