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Hello MaryChristine & sorry about my late response :-)

I don't know how to read the blood test results, but here is what I have...
What's on the left of arrow is the results of first blood test taken on 
1/9/2009, and
what's on the right of arrow is the resulst of second test taken on 3/28/2009.
I didn't know which values indicate what, so I wrote down the items indicating 
abnormal values (High & Low) from the first blood test results...
AST (SGOT) 121 (H) -> 32
ALT (SGPT) 145 (H) -> 52
Cholesterol Total 235 (H) -> 304 (still High)
Phosphorous 3.0 (L) -> 4.1 (still Low)
CA/PHOS Ratio 2.7 (H) -> 2.2
Total Protein 15.8 (H) -> 7.6
Albumin 5.2 (H) -> 3.2
Globulin 10.6 (H) -> 4.4
LDH 1141 (H) -> 434
RBC 3.2 (L) -> 7.4
HGB 5.2 (L) -> 11.1
HCT 18 (L) -> 39
MCV 58 (H) -> 53
MCHC 28.2 (L) -> 29.1
Lymphs 17 (L) -> 62 (H)
Lymph/Absolute 935 (L) -> 2728
Platelet Count 58 (L) -> 253
FELV (ELISA) Positive -> Negative
1/9/2009 - I took my cat, Puma to the vet for bladder infection (I thought that 
was the only problem then).  Since it was the first time, the vet did the blood 
test.  Looking at the test results, he told me that Puma was FeLV+ and had 
severe anemia. (I don't know what kind...)
The vet gave Puma LCTI on 1/31, 2/7, 2/14 (once a week for 3 weeks) 2/28, 3/14 
(every other week).
On 3/28 which is two weeks after his 5th shots, the vet did the 2nd blood test 
which you can see the results above.  Looking at the 2nd test results, the vet 
told me that Puma no longer has anemia; however, I asked the vet to continue 
the LCTI treatment.
The vet gave Puma LCTI on 4/11, 5/9, 6/6, and 7/4 (Once a month).  I'm planning 
to ask the vet to do another blood test on 9/5 which will be two month from the 
last treatment.
Only other thing that I did was to make sure that Puma gets nutritious food.
When the treatment started, I switched from dry food (Nutro Natural Choice 
Complete Care) to can food (Natural Balance Ultra Formula) (I'm back to dry 
food (Wellness) now though....)

I also gave him Hi-Vite drop daily (and I still do...)


Let me know if I missed anything that you asked.


Hiromi :-)
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> hiromi, i'd be very interested in learning about the blood values your
> cat showed, what kind of anemia it had, what other things you tried,
> how long it was on the lcti, etc.
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