Amy. I haven't had any success once they start to fail.  Maybe others can help. 
 There are two yahoo groups that may help with the symptoms.

There is a assist feeding group that can offer support regarding the wt. loss.

There is an anemia group that has info in their files on Epogen for 
non-regenerative anemia

Hugs to Wolfie

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> Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 7:38 PM
> So I've been posting about my cat Wolfie who has been
> losing weight since about mid 2006, from 15.4 lbs down to
> 10.8 lbs today.  His last visit was on July 2nd and he
> had a HCT of 29.  He also tested positive for
> Mycoplasma haemominutum previously called Haemobartonella
> felis small form.  He's been on doxy, pred, and
> Pet-Tinic twice daily for almost a month.  
> My vet thought he looked great today and he hasn't lost any
> weight since his last visit but he's not gaining and his HCT
> is still going down.  We took a tiny amount of blood
> and sent it out for a reticulocyte count.  I've lost
> almost all my leuk positives to anemia in the end (except
> for one to lymphoma and one to neurological issues) and I'm
> really bummed out by the news.  I was hoping treating
> the Hemobart would help the HCT even though my vet wasn't as
> optimistic.  
> I'm just wondering how most people here lose their leuk
> positives.  It seems all of mine do so well, are
> completely asymptomatic and then out of nowhere they stop
> making red blood cells, the HCT starts to drop, and it is
> downhill from there.  My vet wrote me a 10 page letter
> on everything that could cause weight loss and anemia and we
> have eliminated almost all the possibilities I think. 
> We haven't done a digestive panel yet because it takes 4 mls
> of blood and I don't want to do that with his HCT
> dropping.  If the reticulocyte test comes back and
> shows he is making red blood cells, we will start
> investigating digestive issues or anything else that could
> be causing his lower HCT.  If it comes back as
> nonregenerative anemia, is there anything I can do?  I
> know there is the option of Epogen and I'm looking into
> that.  Anything else or do I just spend time with him
> and wait?  I hate this point where they are feeling
> fine, looking fine, and I know it's only
>  a matter of time :(  This guy has been with me longer
> than any of my other positives and I'd do anything to help
> him but I'm afraid there's nothing else I can do. 
> Thoughts?
> Amy
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