Your Skeeter story is too funny! There is definitely a such thing as too much 
of a good thing! LOL.

Ah! So Skeeter did receive a DL Methionine prescription! Perhaps I should 
replace my cranberry for this.

However, if I do that, I lose the Vitamin C and Vitamin E as the cranberry is a 
multi-vitamin supplement.

That means instead of the standard 4 pills ( L-lysine, C Q 10, Cranberry & Fish 
Oil) that my kids get daily, they will now receive six (L-lysine, C Q 10, fish 
oil, DL Methionine, Vitamin C & Vitamin E.)

Is there anyway to combine these supplements i.e. DL Methionine & Vitamin E, 
Vitamin C & E, etc.?

I suppose I will need to shop around for multi-vitamins.

I thought Fred was on a phosphorus binders and not an aluminum binder. Unless 
the aluminum contains phosphorus there is no potential damage of developing 
Struvite crystals. Struvite crystals are only made up of magnesium, ammonium 
and phosphate.

Cosequin (or C Q 10) is not for the use of FLUTD. My kids get it for heart 
health, cell growth and free radical prevention.

--- On Wed, 8/12/09, Belinda Sauro <> wrote:

Way back in the 1990's my Skeeter had something. He couldn't pee and I took him 
in just in time. I can't remember what it was called back then. 

He would get cyrstals and he had to take a DL Methionine pill everyday. I think 
he was also on special food for a while too but as long as he got his pill 
(which he loved and would take and eat willingly) he could pretty much eat 
anything he wanted.

In fact, a few years after he was on the pill, I stored them in a jar with a 
lid, the lid wasn't tight fitting just sat on top of the jar. Well, Skeeter got 
in the cupboard where I kept them and ate a whole bunch of them. He vomited 
quite a bit and after that he wasn't so keen on them. Guess he found out the 
hard way too much of a good thing isn't always so good. He still took them, 
just not quite so happily! He was on it for years with no problems.

The aluminum binder Fred gets is used by most people on the list of over 11,000 
members and so far none of the kitties that I know of have ever had a problem 
with crystals. But I will keep that in mind because on occasion Fred acts like 
it may be uncomfortable to pee, he always does, buckets
but I will keep that in mind if I notice he is acting uncomfortable.

I give Fred the cosequin for his arthritis, can't say I have ever heard it 
mentioned for use with FLUTD, if I remember I'll ask my vet next time Fred goes 
in or I talk with her ... in fact I need to buy more of it I'm on my last 6 

Don't know exactly what D-Mannose is, I think it is a more natural supplement, 
I haven't had to use it yet but I may seriously think about since Fred does 
seem to be uncomfortable sometimes when peeing, I think it can go right in the 
food so that would be good. Guess I'll be doing some more research on that 
one. Anyone else use it or have more info in it??

happiness is being owned by cats ...


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