it sounds as if your little one is doing what so many FeLVs do, just fading
away. often they seem to be alert and aware of their surroundings, and in no
distress, nor in any great hurry to leave--they just slowly sort of
disappear.... it's usually a quiet, gentle passage, and whenever possible
(ie, when there IS no distress or signs of suffering), i try to let them
stay at home, surrounded by family and friends, keeping them warm and
comfortable, and journey on from there. i give fluids and food as long as
they will accept them, and i try to be with them when they go if that's
something they seem to take comfort in (ferals and strays often do NOT
consider that a calming thing.....)

my answer would be to know my vets' after-hours arrangements in case
something goes wrong (massive convulsions, or some other clear sign of
distress), and otherwise just plan on surrounding her with love and light
and warmth and family. far too many humans these days leave the world
without that....

you can also speak with the cat, and listen with your heart: ask her to tell
you if she needs your help in crossing. they usually don't....

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