What is it about those sassy, fiesty, independant calico girls that makes us 
love them so?  We must be suckers for punishment, cause they sure do love to 
dole it out.  One of mine is ancient, weighs less than 6 lbs, toothless and I 
still can't pill her.  She's the smallest cat of the bunch, but she can move a 
15 lb male from his bowl of canned food just by staring at him.  I'm crazy 
about her and I celebrate her attitude.

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i think it's really natural for us to want to try EVERYTHING to help our
beloved ones, even when, sometimes, it's in our best interests and not
really theirs. that's what i believe that i have learned from my cats in
their final days..... i know that, early on, i kept some of mine around
longer than i would do now, but not from meanness, rather from lack of
awareness. i had to learn... to separate out their needs from mine, to ask
them what they needed, to truly listen to what they were telling me.

people learn at different rates; i try very hard (not always successfully,
as those reading another FeLV list can attest) not to judge others'

i actually have a kitty in terminal crf right now; she bit the hell out of
me the last two times i tried to hydrate her. she's my remaining heartcat,
and her refusing treatment is killing me--but how can i not honor her
choices, after all she's given me through the years? she's the official
international spokescat for the Calico Liberation Coalition, CaLiCo, a
4-paw-declawed, harlequin girl that refuses to purr tho will, very
occasionally, practice Rhythmic Growling--to force her to do anything would
be an assault on her very cathood..... she's someplace close to 16 years
old, and has blessed my life with bite wounds and attiTUDE for over ten
years now--i adore her, and know completely that in her furry little
multicolored heart, she  feels the same way toward me. i will do what is
best for her when her job on this earth is complete; no matter how much it
pains me--i know that she will tell me if she needs help, tho actually i'm
just hoping she'll allow me to be with her when the time comes, and not just
leave me an email.....

the wisest advice i've ever gotten, though, is that it's best to send them
across the bridge one day too soon, than five minutes too late. feeling
guilty about their, "not being ready," when they weren't yet suffering, is
pointless, but nothing compared to the knowledge that one has waited too

sometimes, tho, we need to go through the latter to understand. we need to
be gentle with one another as we learn these horrible lessons. and hope that
what we learn so painfully can help someone else learn them with less

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