Thanks for writing, Jane. Having to make the decision to end a
beloved pet's life has got to be the most difficult decision in the
world......... I agree that a day too early is better than waiting
too long, but no matter when I make the decision I feel guilty. I'm
so sorry about your kitty with the tumor on her spine, but how could
you have known?  Try not to blame yourself, you did what seemed right
at the time, which is all any of us can do.

>On 08-12, Jane Lyons wrote: Hi Laurie I have been composing a reply
> to your post for a long time. It is so difficult to know what the
> right time is. I think MC's advise; "a day too early, rather than
> five minutes too late" is the best I have ever heard. I am still
> wracked with the incredible guilt I felt in treating my 18 year old
> for arthritis when she in fact had a tumor at the base of her spine
> that was causing her lameness. The end of her life must have been
> so painful and I still have nightmares about it. I wish none of us
> ever had to make these decisions but "a day too soon" allows a
> dying cat some dignity, which is what they teach us.
> Jane

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