Dear Friends, I want to thank all of you for your help and advice
about the FelV cat in my cageless FelV shelter who is slowly wasting
away.  I really appreciate your caring responses.  I did not want to
take "Mimi" to the vet to be PTS, as it is so stressful for her, and
you helped me make my decision to just love and comfort her where she
is now, in her favorite sleeping place.

Frank, I too am haunted by the memory of taking a dying cat to the
vet and watching him use what little strength he had left to fight
going there.  It was awful, and unless a cat is in extreme pain I
will never do this again.

Maybe I shouldn't comment on this here, but I also have a cat who
is 16 years old and has the beginnings of CRF, so I joined the CRF
group, but I only stayed there about a week.  It tore my guts out to
read about the horrendous things so many of the members were putting
their very old, (16 to 19 years old) termininally ill cats through....
They described how the cats no longer came to them for love, as they
knew they'd be poked and prodded!   It seemed everyone in the group
was determined to keep their cats alive no matter what they put them
through. I couldn't stand reading about it, so I dropped out. The
members of this FelV group seem to have a more realistic attitude.
We will all die someday, and keeping people or animals alive on
tubes and needles is not the way I want to leave this earth!


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