My thoughts on this:
It tore my guts out to read about the horrendous things so many of the members 
were putting their very old, (16 to 19 years old) termininally ill cats 
I just want to give another perspective, Fred is 18 or so now, he was 15 when he was diagnosed very early CRF and hyper thyroid, I'm on the CRF list you spoke of and I can't thank all of them for all the support I have gotten to keep Fred going. When I first started doing the fluids he needs daily he would bite me, he didn't like it, but after a week of using clothes pins on him he accepted it and has been getting them for over 2 years with no problems. Did it hurt him to put clothes pins down his neck for a week, no, I tried it on myself first, it felt like pressure but there was no pain, and he still tried to bite me but realised he couldn't reach me anymore and gave up.

He also gets pills 4 or 5 times a day and of course he doesn't love it but my way of thinking is if you add it all up for the 30 minutes or so a day that it totals for the time I have to give him pills and fluids, he has lived a good quality of life for 3 more years ... I guarantee you he would have died years ago without my intervention.

When anyone animal, person doesn't feel good they don't want to be messed with, I know that from my own experience, when I am sick, I don't want to eat or drink or want anyone to bother me. That doesn't mean I want to die. Once you get over the hump with help from your family and meds and feel better things get back to somewhat normal, as normal as they can be when you have a terminal condition. Yes I know at some point Fred will eventually not do as well and no matter what I do will keep getting worse because I do know CRF doesn't get cured BUT I will do everything I can to keep Fred here with me feeling as well as can be expected with his age and condition. Am I selfish, perhaps, but as you said, this is what I would want for myself, I am not leaving easily when it is my time and everyone that knows me knows that.

Fred used to sleep on my pillow every night but I have his bed set up with everything but the litter box right there for him, so he prefers to stay there, he still comes in on occasion and stays a while, then goes back to his room. Do I think he doesn't like me anymore, no, he comes to me many times throughout the day and sits on my chest a few minutes so I can love him but he doesn't like me to give him his pills and if he weren't so lazy and a little weak he probably would run and hide, but it takes all of 10 seconds and it is over. It took a good 8 months or so to get him stable when we first found out he was CRF, he stopped eating and got a feeding tube. He gained back all the weight he lost and and pulled the tube out himself. Up until recently was keeping his weight pretty stable. He is losing weight now, he has virtually no muscle in either back leg and I can see he is getting to the point where things are going to start deteriorating as they do with this condition. I don't know how much longer we have but as long as he enjoys going out to lay in the sun, enjoys spending time with me I will do everything in my power to keep him going.

Do I think anything I have done to keep Fred with me is horrendous, no, some people may, but I don't. I have gotten 3 more years of some very good memories with my Fred and I think for the most part Fred has enjoyed being here those 3 extra years. Everyone has their own ideas about quality of life, I personally think some people give up too early because of my beliefs and sometimes it is very hard for me to not say something but then I remember it is their pet and as long as whatever they are doing is out of love for that pet then I really can't say anything. What one person thinks is horrendous is loving and compassionate care to another. We can only do what we think is best for those in our care according to what our beliefs are ...

When it is obvious to me that nothing I do will make any difference anymore then I will let Fred go. At some point the body, animal or human just can't go on anymore and when that is evident then I know I have done all I can I won't be happy about it but ...

happiness is being owned by cats ...

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