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70% of adult cats can be exposed and throw off the virus, and the
current vaccines are over 90% effective--get your other cats vaccinated,
and they will be safe. there are NO cases of a true negative cat who is
vaccinated ever turning positive from living with a true positive. to
make sure your kitty really is positive, ask your vet to do an IFA test.
i'm presuming he's been living outdoors all this time, so he probably
was first exposed awhile ago.

even unvaccinated cats rarely turn positive, as many folks who had
positives BEFORE there was a reliable vaccine can attest--this is just
NOT a virus that is easily transmitted nor contracted. (everyone
remember mari, spiritcat, from her days posting on this link--she's had
FeLVs with her clowder for over 30 years now, long before vaccination
was common--and like most folks, never had a problem. and my household
was definitely exposed by a lovely girl who'd tested negative at the
shelter--that retesting issue again--and tho there were frail elders and
3-month-old kittens in the mix, it's been nine years without any FeLV
showing up!)

they are now finding that some of the cats who remain testing positive
NEVER get sick, and are not contagious--remember that all the theories
about carriers, and WHEN a cat is actually contagious, are just that:
THEORIES that make sense, but might not stand up to research. we don't
KNOW that positives who stay healthy are contagious while they're
healthy--and this latest research is showing that to be the case.

a healthy cat is a healthy cat, FeLV or not. one that is as friendly as
this one is deserves a home, not a sanctuary setting.

there are a number of places for posting positives if you really feel
you must rehome him; get photos, and we can give you the names of other


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