Hello everyone,

I really hope this email works.  I have been a part of this community for
awhile but don't often respond.  I did, however, want to share this with

I have had two cats die from severe anemia and bone marrow suppression
associated from felv+.  It is a common cause of death for these guys and I
have heard over and again in this forum.

I currently have another sweet little girl who is about 1 1/2 years old.
She was doing well until recently when she started to become lethargic,
stopped eating and was found to have a hematocrit of 11%.  This is really,
really, really low.  It is a non-regenerative anemia, with signs of
lymphoma.  This is pretty much a death sentence for these guys.  A blood
transfusion would only prolong the sufferng

So here's the deal.  I found a vet that had the immunomodulator (from
Imulan), got the shot and gave it to her on Friday.  Her energy is gradually
improving, her mucous membrane are pinking up and there are signs of

I don't know if she'll pull through or not, but I have to tell you that this
is currently the best option out there for treating this disease.  I found
some of the information on it.  There is rapid and profound improvement of
anemia, an increase in bone marrow activity and in some cases, return to
normal with negative testing for the virus.

I know there isn't a full proof cure out there but I have to say this may
prove to be very helpful.  The long terms studies are still pending.

So here's the deal, if you have a felv+ with bone marrow suppression
(including anemia - low red blood cells, thrombocytopenia - low platelets,
neutropenia - low levels of neutrophils, or lymphopenia - low lymphocyte
count) and may or may not have the associated infections;  I highly
recommend giving this a try.

It is a simple subcutaneous shot given weekly at first and than monthly with
improvement of bone marrow suppression and clinical symptoms.  It requires a
vet order to get it.

It is a far better alternative than the repeat cycle of blood transfusions,
antibiotic regimens and prednisone.

I will let you know how she does.

Good luck everyone and God bless you for your generous and selfless hearts.

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