Mary Christine,

I appreciate your skepticism.  I am a pathology resident in human medicine
and have no affiliation or connection with imulan.  I am simply a cat lover
who has lost two felv+ cats to this disease.  It is devastating.  I have
seen them be happy, energetic, wonderful, loving cats and then watched them
fade into thin, weak shells of their former selves.  And then I have had to
make the heart wrenching decision to put them down.

I am entirely frustrated with the current mentality surrounding Felv+ - the
general idea that there are so many cats out there that we should just let
these die.  I have never been one who has been able to sit around and feel
helpless when the ones I care about fade into death.  I am not by any means
saying ltci is the cure all answer to this disease.  I am only saying that
as of yet it is the most promising treatment out there.  And if there is a
chance I can help this little girl (and in the process countless others) I
will do whatever is in my power to do it.

I honestly have no idea if this will work or not and honestly last night I
really doubted it.  But she's still fighting and so I'll continue to pray
and to fight with her.  If this doesn't work, I will let all of you know.  I
just wanted to give you the information I had.

Here's a thought, prior to the discovery of Penicillin countless people were
dying from bacterial infections.  Now it is so common place and so
effective, you would be remiss to not use it.  Every new treatment has
skeptics and rightly so, but maybe this could actually help.  If so, why not
try it?

And by the way, I did write this on my own, no prompting from anyone.  I
just saw a glimmer of hope and wanted to share.



On 8/25/09, MaryChristine <> wrote:
> personally, i will be far more likely to believe anything about LCTI when
> there is ADEQUATE research done on the product (the preliminary research
> was
> done with a statistically insignificant sample), there are independent
> findings that confirm the company's claims, and the treatment is fully
> approved.
> incidentally, i've heard that FeLVs are NOT tested with the IFA before
> treatment to ensure that they truly are positive to start with.
> imulan's website uses WIKIPEDIA as its source for FeLV information.
> "I don't know if she'll pull through or not, but I have to tell you that
> this
> is currently the best option out there for treating this disease.  I found
> some of the information on it.  There is rapid and profound improvement of
> anemia, an increase in bone marrow activity and in some cases, return to
> normal with negative testing for the virus.
> I know there isn't a full proof cure out there but I have to say this may
> prove to be very helpful.  The long terms studies are still pending.
> So here's the deal, if you have a felv+ with bone marrow suppression
> (including anemia - low red blood cells, thrombocytopenia - low platelets,
> neutropenia - low levels of neutrophils, or lymphopenia - low lymphocyte
> count) and may or may not have the associated infections;  I highly
> recommend giving this a try.:
> this sounds like an advertisement, not at all what someone would actually
> write on their own.
> MC
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