jenny, knowing that you're a human medicine person makes me apologize for,
and revise, my statement regarding your statements sounding like an ad.....

would i have been in the first line of beta-testers for penicillin? probably
not. would i have used it when it only had provisional approval, was very
expensive, and the only research available was provided by the one company
had a financial investment in it? maybe, if there were ENOUGH research, over
enough time, and if i didn't know way too many vets who have the same
objections that sally's had.

i would LOVE for there to be a cure for FeLV, or at least a treatment that
has a decent rate of efficacy.

i haven't seen anything that shows me that this is it--and their lack of
good data, resources on the virus etc., and questionable marketing practices
all make me wonder what their bottom line really is.

i expect that it's probably much harder to do pure research now than it was
when mold was being grown on slices of bread, without the involvement of
vast sums of money, but i still require more than a company (that just
recently bought out the folks who actually developed the product) say-so.

(and i'm an old hippie herbalist, so it's not like i have any investment in

thanks for explaining your decision-making process: actually, i'm quite
convinced from what i've read, that LCTI won't HURT our cats..... i'd be a
LOT happier if they were doing rigorous research through clinical trials,
instead of charging people to be their research subjects....


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