I've been a member here for quite a while, but hardly ever respond with 
comments. However, thanks to the good people on this list & your discussions 
about Imulan, our little Jake, three-legged & an absolutely wonderful cat, is 
now on Imulan injections to try to forestall his non-regenerative anemia. I had 
printed off some of your information to give to our vet, who is ordinarily very 
progressive and well-informed, & he said he'd never heard of Imulan, but was 
very interested. So he called Prolab, who is the manufacturer of it, who was 
happy to send him 13 pages of very persuasive information. He was truly 
impressed with what he read, & of course, ordered it for us. He says that he 
can't wait to retest Jake's blood about a week after his second injection, 
because he is so excited about the implications. Imulan is truly Jake's only 
chance. After only one day, Jake is more alert, & already his appetite has 
picked up some, so we are hopeful. And not only for Jake, but for all of our 
other fur babies. We have a small sanctuary here, Haven Hill, where all the 25 
resident cats are FeLV+, but fortunately, none of the others are symptomatic at 
this time. The Imulan is $78/injection, & that's in TN, in case anyone is 
interested. Expensive, yes, but perhaps we will only need to have one cat on it 
at a time. 

The one thing that threw our vet, as well as us, is just WHY isn't information 
about Imulan being more widely circulated? It should be in all the vet journals 
& publications! Also, there should be a faster means to get this drug into the 
hands of the vets. We had it over-nighted from MO, and it took two days -- 
which is a lot of time, when our little ones are waiting for it! Their regular 
delivery to us would have taken from Wed. until Mon. -- just WAY too much time! 
At any rate, we are grateful to have it, & are praying for a turn-around for 
Jake. We also have him on Transfer Factor. Again, I want to thank all of you on 
this list for all the valuable information you pass on to all of us. Being a 
member of this group has offered me an amazing education about FeLV that I 
probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. So, thank you. And God bless all of 
you & your little ones. I will keep you posted as to Jake's progress. 


Owner/Haven Hill, in the lovely mountains of Virginia, near the TN line 
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