to answer your questions, because there's no real proof that lcti does

most vets find what is given out by imulan to be incredibly UNCONVINCING,
because it is not scientifically defensible. maybe at some point it will be,
but it's not at this point.

it's not a drug, it's a "treatment aid," that will never have FDA approval,
and only has conditional approval (meaning it SHOWS PROMISE OF BEING
EFFECTIVE) from the department of agriculture.

if the company truly cared about the cats, and really thought that it was
the miracle treatment they want to claim it is, they would be doing RIGOROUS
clinical trials--not the 4-week-long ones that they are offering to vets and
sanctuaries, and they would NOT be charging such a high price for an
unproven product. if LCTI is truly the answer, they'd want to do the proving
first, then it could be offered at a reasonable price to everyone with a
positive cat.

they just approved a puff piece video that calls FIV, "Feline AIDS," which
is absolutely indefensible, and will just contribute to more perfectly
healthy cats dying from human ignorance, and their only reference to FeLV on
their site is wikipedia.

it has been in all the journals and publications, and because there's NO
peer-reviewed literature (and not even a single, statistically significant
piece of research,) the majority of practitioners take one look at the,
"proof," and walk away.

please do not refer to this product as a drug, because it is not. it's not
even a treatment, by the manufacturer's own admission. use it if you like,
and can afford it, but i cannot figure out why people are not asking more

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