promising is the word, in fact, it's the same word that the dept of
agriculture uses.

LCTI has been around for years before imulan bought it, and it's been
promising for all that time. i think it'd be GREAT if it works, but when you
have something that's not proven, you don't run out and put it on the open
market priced and promoted as if it were proven.

that's my objection: it's too early, the science isn't there, and if they
REALLY thought they had the answer to the FeLV problem, they'd be doing
major clinical trials that every scientist in the country could believe in.
and people don't have to pay to be in clinical trials, nor do they have to
pay for the testing involved to see how things are going.

think how many FeLV parents would willingly partake in actual clinical
trials if they weren't priced out of the option--and then imulan could get
real data.


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