After hearing about this product-I called our vet here in Sacramento and she 
agreed to order it for us. I want to try it because we lost the 4th kitty this 
morning-my son drove him to UC Davis emergency early this morning because he 
was struggling to breath and crying out. Out of the 5 kittens in the 
litter-Schatzi is the 4th brother to pass in 41/2 months-he just turned a year 
old this month- we even tried a transfusion that Jack had a reaction to and was 
euthanized (over $1500). Buster, the first to die-screamed out...Oni died in 
Corey's arms. I still have the sister, Rosie and another cat-Murphy, the tuxedo 
polydactyl that was dumped into the feral colony that the litter came from-he 
was positive also. So why do I want to try this product? I have HOPE that it 
may prolong Rosie and Murphy's lives-These 6 have been on antibiotics most of 
their lives-Finally now it's been a good month and a half without them, maybe 
we've turned a corner. We have upped
 them to Interferon 2x a day. When the FeLV switch gets tripped-they just crash 
so fast. If we can postpone it for months or years.....that's great. We are 
down to 2 cats left out of 6-we have cried rivers of tears, and spent over 6 
grand-and we weren't "cat people" a year ago. How do we know it will work? We 
don't....but if we don't try, no one will know. What I do know is that Rosie is 
due to die soon-being from the same litter, she is due to crash with anemia 
like all her brothers. But I have HOPE, otherwise I should just euthanize the 
last 2 now and call it a day. Rosie and Murphy are racing up and down the 
hallway and up the cat trees right now-they are healthy (appearing), loving 
and happy. They are a year old-I think they deserve to live longer. Alice, 
Rosie and Murphy
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