sounds like you have my vet.  
---- Amy <> wrote: 
> Hi Belinda,
> Thanks for writing.  I totally understand how you feel and just wanted to 
> respond.  My vet has worked with my leuk positives for several years now and 
> is amazing.  I've spent years working at different veterinary offices and I 
> do know how lousy some of them are.  I also know how cold and heartless some 
> of them can be when it comes to caring for our babies.  Lucky for me, that is 
> not my vet.  She takes amazing care of our kitties and I have all the 
> confidence in the world in her.  They don't push me to do things just to make 
> money but they also will stop at nothing to help my kitties when they need 
> to.  I have spent so many thousands of dollars trying to help these guys.  
> We've done chemo, we've done ultrasounds, steroids, antibiotics, fluids, 
> etc., the list goes on and on.  I have always tried to save my babies in the 
> past, sparing no expense and doing everything possible.  The problem is, in 
> my experience, I always lose them to the leukemia eventually. 
>  Then sometimes I feel bad that I put them through those last couple weeks or 
> days and wonder if they suffered.  It's a personal decision and one everybody 
> must make but Maverick was miserable and for us we just knew when we found 
> him sleeping in the bathtub and not wanting to be bothered anymore.  
> I am listening to everything you have said and I will ask my vet about these 
> things because more knowledge is always a wonderful thing.  She always goes 
> and does research on anything unusual we come across and I always do the 
> same.  She spends hours with my cats and hours on the phone with me.  With 
> this cat, things came on very quickly.  I'm still left with unanswered 
> questions because I wasn't expecting this and I didn't see it coming.  
> However, I do know there weren't any signs of liver failure two days ago when 
> we saw the bloodwork, both chem panel and CBC.  As far as food goes, she told 
> me he needed to eat.  She gave me tons of ideas for trying to get him to eat 
> and I asked about force feeding.  He couldn't keep anything I gave him down.  
> He just kept throwing it up.  My only other choice would have been to 
> hospitalize him and try bringing him back but he's just not that type of cat. 
>  Way too much attitude, spirit, and personality to handle that. 
>  Hard to explain but totally not an option for this guy.  
> I'll always wonder if I did everything I could for him but I have to trust 
> that I did.  These cats mean the world to me and this one was actually 
> rescued by my vet.  He started coming around her barn and she brought him in 
> to neuter him.  He tested positive and she called me.  We've all been very 
> attached to him ever since so she had as much interest in saving him as I did 
> :(
> Thanks again for all the info and I will make it a point to read and learn 
> even more about this disease.  I owe it to Maverick and I just hope I didn't 
> let him down or fail him in any way.
> Amy
> >      Amy,
> >   I don't think your vet is very good, yellow is a
> > sure sign of liver failure and it doesn't happen
> > overnight.  Blood tests should have shown there was a
> > problem and if your vet didn't mention it I'd run to find
> > another vet.
> > 
> > If Maverick wasn't eating well he probably developed
> > hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease, this can happen
> > after only a day or two of an cat not eating enough. 
> > Even if a cat is eating but very little this can happen,
> > this is curable by syringe feeding or a feeding tube, in
> > other words food is the cure, no cat should die from
> > this.  Too many vets don't pay attention when we tell
> > them our cats aren't eating very much or at all, this should
> > be a huge red flag to any vet to investigate further but so
> > few do.
> > 
> > I am writing this email because too few people understand
> > just how deadly it is for a cat to go without food, it can
> > kill them quickly.  That on top of the anemia was just
> > too much for Maverick's compromised body to deal with. 
> > Any vet who doesn't make a point of letting a client know
> > they need to get food into a cat that isn't eating enough
> > isn't worth anything in my book.
> > 
> > Please, please people, if your cat is not eating, syringe
> > feed, spoon feed, put food on your finger and put it in
> > their mouths, get a feeding tube put in ... fatty liver
> > disease is almost always curable even when a cat looks like
> > it is on deaths door, food, enough food will almost always
> > bring the cat back ....
> > 
> > Many people think when a cat is sick and stops eating it is
> > letting you know it is ready to die, this is not always the
> > case, think about it, when you are feeling very sick do you
> > feel like eating, I know I don't.  And with a cat, they
> > feel sick, they don't eat, they don't eat, they get weaker
> > and feel sicker, they feel sicker, of course they aren't
> > going to eat.  This cycle is going to obviously kill
> > the cat if there is no intervention.  I will never
> > understand why this is so hard to fathom.
> > 
> > All that said this is my own personal opinion and up front
> > I am one of those people who will go to extreme measures to
> > try and save my furkids, in some peoples minds maybe too
> > far, but that is how I am and would want the same for myself
> > ... I have seen enough miracles happen when I have been told
> > my furkids aren't going to make it and I wouldn't give up
> > and they lived years longer ... that is why I have to keep
> > trying.  I know not everyone is of the same mind and
> > that is fine because we all have our beliefs but when I see
> > animals miss a chance because of a vet that isn't very
> > knowledgeable about something it just kills me.
> > 
> > I sorry for your loss Amy, Maverick is in a better place
> > now.  Take care ...
> > 
> > PS.  I'm mad at the lack of care Maverick received
> > from the "professionals" not at anything you did, just
> > wanted to make that clear.
> > 
> > -- 
> > Belinda
> > happiness is being owned by cats ...
> > 
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