Hey all, 

Sorry for the off-topic post. But, my male cat, LG, is sick. 
Took him to the vet this morning because he wasn't 
breathing right. He had 288cc's of fluid built up around his 
heart and lungs :( :( :(  They drained the fluid, and his 
color came back almost immediately. He's on prednisone 
and a diuretic to help curb the fluid buildup... 
Unfortunately, there were lots of leukocytes in the fluid 
which means a great chance of lymphatic cancer :( :( :(  
The prednisone is giving him his appetite back at least. 
He hadn't eaten in two days now... And, he was already 
too thin. 

Does anyone here have any experience with all of this? 
LG is twelve years old and quite healthy otherwise. 
Thanks for any and all assistance. Best wishes to 

James G. Wilson - phaed...@charter.net
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