I guess it depends. I don't know where the fluid comes from, whether FELV or not, maybe it's all the same. With my sister, it was coming from the liver, being taken over by cancer and putting out fluid in the process. But that was a different type of cancer. Wonder if it comes from the blood itself.


On Oct 24, 2009, at 2:36 PM, James G Wilson wrote:

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and suggestions
on LG's chest fluid. Thankfully, he is not FeLV+. This fluid
just seemed to come out of nowhere because he is so
healthy otherwise. He is on prednisone and a diuretic
(salix- 12.5mg). He is going to the litterbox about every
three hours to pee now. He is eating, and I saw him drink
some water just awhile ago.

I was worried about how to pill LG because he is so
stubborn about such things. The vet gave (sold!) me
these treats called LeanTreats from NutriSentials. I was
skeptical since LG is so finicky. I put the pills in the treat
and squished it up and put it front of him. He sniffed it for
a bit, licked it once and then acted like he was going to
walk away. Then, he came right back and wolfed it down
in one bite! I was shocked! :)  So, he's getting his pills.

I guess the main questions I have are these. How long
before the fluid builds up again? He's on seven days
straight of the pred and diuretic.. then it goes to every
other day. I was given 20 pills each. He's breathing SO
MUCH better today- no heavy breaths at all. Even after
they drained the fluid yesterday, he was still breathing a
bit heavy. But, that could have been the stress of it all too.
I just want the best for him- a good quality of life for as
long as he wants it... Thanks again for everyone's
assistance. Best wishes to all.

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